30 August 2009

I remember when Colin Pope threw the Mixtape video out the window!

So that Zoo York video? State of Mind? Just watched it. Whoever chose the music needs shooting (save for that hilarious M.O.P. tune) - Dio for Zered?? Jeeeeesus.

The whole thing was pretty much a shit show as far as I 'm concerned. Brandon Westgate was sick, I've always got time for Suski and Zered is so much better than the others it's almost embarrassing. Ron Deily looks like John Cattle.

The editing stank too - what's happened to RB Umali? Did we really need to see that ride on handrail at the end of ZB's part THREE times? When the second angle came on I thought that was too much and then we got a THIRD angle! Talk about spoiling the mystery of it! It's not like his part needed padding out or anything. Since skateboarding ran out of new tricks 15 years ago or so is this what we're reduced to? You've got to have the long lens, the fisheye AND the rolling Frangle®* to show how high your production values are? And if a trick is that sick shouldn't we be able to work that out first go?

Fuck it, maybe it's my hangover. Or that my last 2 meals have been children's food - fish fingers, chips and beans last night, same again this morning but with peas. It's just not a great video and I guess it's been a while since I haven't enjoyed one. I've even started to like Thrasher vids recently.

I'm off to Southsea now to film with Ault, I hope we can go to the park for old times sake. I won't be wearing a Dead Kennedys shirt with Converse and riding a Neil Blender but I'd still like to carve the Peanut one more time before The Man get's his way and turns it into flats or whatever.

*Frangle: French Fred angle - nobody uses that term anymore eh?


Anonymous said...

The Frangle was regs. The last 2 were switch. So yeah All 3 angles of DRZ's rail were good.

Alan Glass said...

Ha ha ha! Oh yeah! Hey - I watched it in the morning with a hangover! I might be right about the rest of it though....

admin said...

Your completely right about the rest of it, it was no mixtape was it?
in fact they should have just put out vicous cycle again, that was far better.