30 December 2006

Random acts of standard metal procedure

Jonno's birthday the other night, went for Dim Sum at Ping Pong.

I let Leanne persuade me to eat a chicken foot. Needless to say it was rank.

The eyeball thingys were waaaay better. Ok, maybe they weren't eyes.

The next night was the Grind Ethic xmas thing with Amputated headlining.

They were pretty sick and I was very, very drunk. I actually enjoyed Crepitation more, they were a lot more brutal.

As usual we ended up smashing those brittle plastic glasses over each others heads. My finger came out worst this time.

Don't ask.

Somebody from Slam has obviously been to that venue.

Not entirely sure what happened but these are my legs and I appear to be wearing women's shoes.

The tube journey home was fairly eventful. These girls gave us cold pizza.

On the train home we really tried not bring any attention to Mark. Being a soap star in public places can be tough so it's best to stay undercover.

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