05 February 2007

And as our eyes start to close I turn to you and I let you know that * **** ***

Went to see Joel and Rachel this weekend. Filmed a couple of things with Joel and saw a few 5050 dudes I haven't seen in a while like Tidy, Syd and Danny.

And I randomly called Owen while I was waiting for Rach to finish work - he turned out to be getting off the train from Totnes at that very moment. Result!

This next section is entitled "The Many Moods Of Tidy Michael".

...Culminating in this bird-nest view of the source of Mike's strength.

Banga's daughter Nina after eating a whole bag of chocolate coins and moments before a back flip off the chair to potential concussion.

She also lent me her duck-bubble-maker bling.

Dad Gloves.

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