20 February 2007

You must be wondering how the boy next door turned out?

Went to see Rachel for the weekend as it was her 30th birthday. I actually went down on wednesday for Valentines too, she was playing a gig in Bath so I watched with all the other band member's WAG's.

Toblerone-gob-stuffing during the interval. They'd earned it after all this and this.

That night Rach had got us a surprise hotel room. It was really great. I nicked a shower cap - "Bonnet de douche Rodney!"

The next night we had to go to a photoshoot at Maylan and Murray's house for their band that Rach plays clarinet in. The double bass player Yura was probably the coolest cucumber I've ever seen in front of a camera.

Saturday night was the birthday party proper, Rachel's friends got together and played for everyone.

Her Dad showed up as a surprise. I've pretty much met the Fockers now.

Rachel can't hold her drink(s). Literally.

After the main party ALL of these people (+ me) got in the back of a transit and drove on to a late pub. It was pretty cosy in the back. Not to mention dangerous. And Illegal. But funny all the same.

Then all back to the house to watch Lara put on a fire show in the garden. Some wussies stayed indoors to watch through the window.

Sunday morning we got this text from Dave who was sleeping in the hall. I must have pissed myself for like half an hour after that. Ok, it's not funny now.

Birthday lunch at Zero Degrees. It's like this brewery place that makes it's own beer and is practically my new local.

Yeah, that's right. Badder than bad.

By Sunday evening it had all got a bit messy. Marie was on fire as ever.

Gavin brought his daughter Gracie along which kind of helped calm things down.

She was stupidly cute and kept baking us all imaginary cherry pies all evening.

From the looks of it - Andrew Reynolds.

We also took a road trip to Wales to see Rach's grandmother. That means I've officially been abroad this year!

Another birthday cake! Jeez, I was stuffed by the end of the weekend.

Now it's back to the grindstone getting the Heroin DVD done and off to the dupers and sorting out the premieres. Oh and I have to organise and book a Landscape trip too. Phew! Wish me luck.

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