22 February 2007

Marijuana? SI!!!

Last night I went out in our nation's glorious capital and met some friends for a drink and enjoyed some live entertainment in an exclusive venue! The musicians were a lovely Mexican band called Brujeria and we travelled to the Underworld in Camden to see them play.

Here are some of my friends. That's Howard Cooke and Richard Sayer. They're jolly nice chaps. Howard is a professional skateboarder and Richard is a freelance illustrator.

Here we see Jonathan Knightly and Ian Wilkinson. Jonathan owns and manages his own retail outlet selling skateboards and Ian is a science teacher.

That's me on the left there. I work for a couple of skateboard companies. My duties include filming our team riders, post production and creating web content.

I popped down to the front of the audience to see if I could get some photographs of the musicians performing. When I examined the pictures this morning I found that I had captured Ian mixing with some of the young people in the crowd and even helping them if they became unsteady on their feet.

So, let's play a game: It's called "Where's Wilko?"

There he is!

There he is! There's Wilko!

There's Wilko, helping a stage diver!

There he is again look! Still helping!

Look! There's Wilko, this time he's taking time to listen to the performer's lyrics!

Goodness me! There's Wilko and he's raising his hands in the shape of some lovely goat's horns!

If you click on the image above you'll see a short film depicting an excerpt from Brujeria's performance. If you look closely towards the end you'll see Wilko pumping his fist in time to the music. He was really enjoying himself as you can see! Good old Wilko!

After all that he deserved a little sit down! (Actually, to tell the truth he FELL down. Straight down. Vertically! It was like one of those controlled explosions on a building! It was hilarious. We had to help him back up again. Poor old Wilko!)

Unfortnately I have no photographic evidence but Jonathan peformed a stage dive of his very own! I remember seeing his little legs flailing around atop other audience members heads, it was a quite a sight!

And here's a snippet of one of Brujeria's better known numbers. It's called "Consejos Narcos" and is quite catchy if you listen to the hi-fidelity version on the CD.

I'd like to offer a big THANK YOU to all my friends for making my night out so much fun I nearly wet myself on several occasions. You are all AMAZING!

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