08 February 2007

I never wanted to kill, I am not naturally evil.

I got a new camera so now I can fag it up all day and pretend I'm art.

Kerry King, inside photo on Seasons In The Abyss.

Jensen had just handed in his dissertation.

We'll drink to that!

It snowed! The upshot of which is that all the sketchy teenage kids in my street are occupying the area directly outside our windows and pelting any passers by/builders/cars/French on his way back from the airport with snowballs. He said they were putting stones inside them too. Basically, it's not exactly safe to go outside. Mind you I'm not really planning to today, it sucks out there. I got proper soaked after wearing canvas Vans to the post office this morning and got a face full of grey slush when a truck drove through a masive puddle and splashed it all over me as I was waiting to cross the road. Cheers.
Oh and I have gnarly RSI in my wrist from editing this week. I have one of those gay wrist supports on it and it's really sweaty. What else can I moan about?...

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