28 February 2007

They don't love you like I love you

Me and Bilko, sorry, Bilko and I, drove down to Brighton for a drink the other night. Is that silly? Just to go to the pub we drove about 60 miles. Sorry Environment, sorry Mum.

I had blister issues so Ian bought me some extra socks from Tesco.

Had to go watch the boys climb for a bit before the pub.

Yes!!! The hallowed ground! It was so good to be back.

Ian contemplating the tower of Sambucas.

The next day South Bronx was like the X-games. We counted 25 BMeXicans.


Lucy said...

I thought you might be excited to know I am going to see the new Hugh Grant RomCom tonight on the Champs Elysees WITH Hugh in attendance! Have you seen the trailers? Looks amazing. I just know you'll love it.

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Yes Lucy! Hugh is the fucking man!