12 July 2006

Back home but still ill.

So, been in London since friday. The annual 'Fos-Stock' BBQ went down on sunday night with various Heroin and Landscape types alongside assorted usual suspects and even Louie Barletta and San Jose crew in attendance. Howard and Joel turned up super drunk and super funny after Seth had tried to ditch them by taking a different train.

This bit of chicken at the end of the night became one of those crap jokes that everyone finds amazingly funny. I can't explain it but trust me - it was killing us.
After the food a few of us even made it down to what would be Fos' local if he was the pubbing type and Worthington and Fiske bro'd down with the locals.

Above: Blink 1-8-Worthington.

Oh and I'm still coughing up shit like this. Great. If anyone needs me i'll be the one in bed.

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