13 July 2006

Oh! Brian Wilson...

After a phone conversation with Dan I finally remembered this photo I took in Boston. Oh and probably due to listening to The Beach Boys all the way home on the train yesterday in the sunshine. I have this thing where I have to listen to "Don't Worry Baby" 3 times in a row. I have the mono version of it on my iPod and so if you listen to just the left headphone you only get Brian's lead vocals or if you use just the right you get the other boy's backing vocals. Both are amazing on their own but after one run through of each you need both in for the full version - hence, 3 times.

Then after that I have to have "Surfer Girl" and continue the never-ending argument in my head - which song is better? This will almost certainly never be resolved as both are contenders for the most beautiful music ever written (and remember that 80% of the time I listen to mind numbing black/death/war metal).

Anyway, go listen to both those songs and enjoy the summer while it lasts. Soon it'll be a dark nuclear winter and Beach Boys season will be offically over. Replaced by Blasphemy, Proclamation, Von and Inquisition season.

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