07 July 2006

Boston, MA. May/June 2006. Heroin trip to see Fiske.

Another backlog of photos, Captions may be sparse as I can't remember every last detail about the kooks in the pictures. It's all of the Boston/Coliseum crew anyway.

Below, Fiske made some kind of cocktail with malaria pills and bits or mould. Don't worry, he didn't drink it. He just left it outside the house to freak the neighbours out.
This is Dave Vey, The King Of Freestyle, posing with some vomit. He's got to be one of the nicest guys i've ever met and is uncannily like my friend Ian. I.E. - they both have hilarious slams and a weird bag of tricks.

"For strong, positive, caring brothers" ??? HA HA HA, it's still a porn mag, no matter how you dress it up. This had me in stitches for about an hour.

This is CJ who came to live in the Coliseum house while I was staying there. He turned out to be one of the funniest kids i've ever met, and with his head screwed on to boot. Fiske gave him that haircut while they were drunk. Fortunately I was asleep.
The 2 pics below are from Marty's comedy drunk evening. He had this huge flagon of red wine and spent the whole time screaming at Fiske that he was a "slave to the system" and ranted about Wal-Mart and Viacom. This is how he earnt the name Wal-Marty.

OK, British skateboarders - look closely. I forget this guy's name (sorry) but he looks like an exact cross between photographers Dom Marley and Sam Ashley. Try covering the top or bottom half of his head and you'll see Dom on top, Sam below. I hope the guy wasn't too bummed that i couldn't stop laughing while taking his photo.

The 2 below are from this crazy party that Vey took us to in New Hampshire. By the time we rolled up at about 8pm they had already got through 7 kegs of beer and eaten a whole spit-roast pig! The place was full of these hillbilly muscle marys who were drunk out of their minds and a smattering of weary looking girls. There was a fight every 5 minutes, helped nicely along by the band who'd play Metallica covers (ugh!) and cheer on the combatants. It was seriously insane but hilarious to watch. Like HST said I thought i'd found the heart of the american dream. When it came to kicking out time everyone got onto their high powered Kawasakis and screamed off into the night (and the loving arms of the local Police probably.) New Hampshire license plates say "Live Free Or Die". No shit.

Fiske reckons he's "above fashion" - I say he's under it and slightly to the side. Cut off boiler suits eh? They seem unlikely to make an impact on high street fashion.

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