05 July 2006

Photo Backlog from NYC...

So, here's a bunch of pics from my time in NY a few weeks back. What with being in the states for a month and then going to France on the Sugar trip i've not really had time to post any...enjoy (or don't, suits me either way).

This is my old buddy Wilko (or Ian Pean to me. Or Eazy Ian. Or Ian Maiden) who came out with me for the first week. We had a blast with my favourite americans Jeff and Larry below. Jeff is on the manly bike and Larry is the one throwing down the gang sign. Holla!

This is me attempting to look cool. It didn't really work out.
Ian and me had this rad day in Central Park where we lazed around, ate ice creams and watched this hilarious al-fresco roller disco. I don't think either of us had laughed that much in years and the guy in the blue tracksuit with the bumbag had me crying real tears. If i die and come back as him i'll be so psyched. Check his video clip below...

On that day I also bought this little gem from one of those touristy kind of stalls near the Met museum. I can't believe I got this in America let alone NYC! It was in amongst all the Beatles and Elvis russian dolls and the woman who sold it to me looked kind of embarrassed. I should have gone and changed into a sharp black suit with sunglasses and come back to buy it, she probably would have thought I was from the C.I.A. or something.
Why would I buy this you ask? Because it was there. Same reason I bought that little bronze bust of Hitler. Both are on my mantlepiece. I know that i'm not a Nazi or a terrorist so why the hell not? People are too squeamish about anti-heros. Anyway, when i got back to the UK i found a slip of paper from US customs saying that they searched my luggage but didn't find anything innappropriate. However, the slip was INSIDE the Osama doll! I guess this was a little messgae to warn me that they know...something. Wish me luck getting into the US in future!

I got really into these huge print jackets and shirts that all the gangsta kids have, gutted that i never got round to picking myself up an ice-studded Biggie shirt. Oh, and the other kid was at the Staten Island ferry - check the GWAR patches. Ruler.
I absolutely had to talk to this guy on the subway. By far and away the oldest Black Metal fan i've ever seen (and i've seen a few!). I asked him what he was listening to on his headphones and he said it was the No Colours compilation with Judas Iscariot and Satanic Warmaster. He was cool about me taking a picture but seemed a little freaked out by the whole thing. One of our crew said it was probably because he hadn't spoken to another human being in five years. Possibly true. Anyway, it was nice to see what i'll look like in 20 years.
Jeff is a history teacher and took us to his school classroom. Being back at a school was kind of weird when you're 31 and Ian and I dealt with it by role-playing teacher and pupil.
After nearly a week in NYC Fos turned up with half of the Landscape team to commence filming for the new video. Tom Lock, Snowy and Joey skated super good for the next 10 days or so and we racked up about 7 hours of footage. Thanks to Happy Ben and Conor for letting them crash on their floor. That's Ben and Conor below with Joey during one of their "Plaid Enthusiast" meetings at the brooklyn banks. And below that is Document mag's best photographer Sam Ashley "suffering for his art" (his words not mine!) Can't wait to see the photos!

Who turns up in New York but my old pal Midds! My favourite Australian (having a favourite Australian is kind of odd I know) was on tour with a bunch of Volcom guys and were driving from NYC to Texas and on to L.A. Rather you than me mate! That's a hell of a road trip. This pic was taken during one of our regular Glasses-swaps. Check out how gay i look.

The folks below are my friends Carrie, who's been over to England a couple of times for weddings and stuff, and Liz (in the sailor's hat that she stole from a real sailor in Max Fish). Always a pleasure to see these two.

The rest of the photos are various scenes from around New York. Mainly from Max's and Motor City, where I spent a great deal of my time. Highlights included meeting JTMR in person, Mirko and his unbelievable rice pudding, hanging out with Jeff's flatmate Mike and extremely expensive rounds of Dixie Micks (Guiness and Jack and Coke, tastes like cream soda, gets you fucked). I'm bored of captioning now.

I look like a real dick in that last one! I can assure you I'm not (well, maybe a bit).

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