01 July 2006

Loooooong time!

Woah! December was the last time i updated this huh? Ooops.

Errrr, since then i've been in Japan to see the Daggers in Osaka for New Year's, working as a visiting tutor at LCC again on their Avid courses, writing the occasional piece for British skateboard mags and started work on both the new Landscape Skateboards and Heroin Skateboards videos. Phew! Guess i've just been too busy to write any of it down. (OK, so, I know that last claim's a total lie but saying i've been in bed foor six months doesn't sound quite as good)

Six weeks ago I went on a month-long trip to the states with Landscape and Heroin. 2 weeks in NYC and 2 weeks in Boston. Right now I'm in Paris after filming for Heroin on the "Battle Of Normandy" trip-thing that's organised each year by French skate mag Sugar. After a week in Le Havre, Rouen and several little rural spots filming and skating all day, every day i'm taking it easy in Paris and spending time with my friends here. It's hotter than Hades and the locals are going nuts out on the street below as France just beat Brazil in the world cup. My Chillow is my best friend (www.soothesoft.com).

2 more days in Paris then back to Blighty to edit the Heroin section for the DVD that will come with Sugar magazine in October. Aside from that Colin Fiske (Heroin team rider from Boston, MA) will be in the UK with us for another 10 days so there will be plenty more filming missions too no doubt.

All I ask for is the occasional good night's (or afternoon's) sleep.

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