25 November 2006

Canadian gals dem no like batty man, if yuh are not one yuh haffi push up

Last night was my birthday party. I'd joked about having a Gay-theme-party for so long I actually had to finally throw it or I'd look like a pussy. Anyway, it turned out so good and my friends (who I'm now kind of worried about) threw themselves into it with such gusto that you'd be hard pressed to find a gayer looking bunch outside of San Francisco.

I'm far too hungover to write much more about it so feel free to stare agahst at people you may know and now could be crossing off your Christmas card list (If you're a total Homophobe, which I'm clearly not). Check these fags out... Rob Halford.
Dorothy and a friend.
Cher was behind the wheels of steel. She dropped anthem after anthem (including Boom Bye Bye).
Fucking hell! I had no idea.
David Gest and Liza Minelli turned up.
One Freddie Mercury.
Siegfried and Roy (Roy's neck was all cut up and bloody)
The other Freddie Mercury and "a young friend"
Nope. I don't know either.
S + R gave it some during YMCA.
The only picture of me you're gonna get to see. The super tight "Kiss me" t-shirt I had was so unflattering that it in no way covered much of my fat gut. And Bruce has managed to push my angel wings out of shot. Sorry. Trust me though - I looked GAY.
Normally this would count as bro-mance right? At my gay party it really could have been something else.
Note to French - you really need to eat more than half a peanut every six months.
I'm not sure the real Freddie Mercury would be staring where Kloako is.Standard morning after breakfast photo.Just so there's no confusion - I really am a full red-blooded hetero sex machine with about 80 girlfriends and lots of good ol' homophobic dancehall on my iPod. Chi-chi man fi dead!

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