14 November 2006

Irreverent Captor of Abysmal Flames and Ultimate Desolation

This is why I'm never doing anything again. Ever. By far and away the greatest live ritual of recent times happened in Germany whilst I was in NY.

ARCHGOAT, PROCLAMATION and the recently renamed GOAT MOLESTOR (now GRAVE MIASMA) in one fucking place!!!!! That is beyond KVLTING!!! I would have flown over there in a SECOND for that!!! I'm never missing anything ever again.

For that I'm holding a pure blood ritual of war worship and chaos in my flat for the next few days. Do not call me. Do not try to empathise with me. You know nothing. You are all total posers and we will never agree about real metal.

However, if you can name all the band's below without phoning a friend you might win a prize.

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