02 November 2006

I'm too busy to be dreaming of you.

Halloween came and went in pretty simple style. The club opening that we were supposed to go to turned out to be shitty so we didn't bother. It was one of those lame places with a rope and a guest list (which we were on but that didn't seem to make any difference) and a bunch of fuck-awful posers that actually believe they're on Sex And The City. It would have been cool to see Cypress Hill (who were the 'surprise' guests) but we fucked it off and went to Motor City instead. For the second time in a few days Larry and Jeff got to launch into their "we're never leaving the East Village again" routine... "...there's nothing out there for us man..." Earlier in the day I skated with Joey, Soy, Conor, Josh Stewart and a bunch of dudes. We must have spent 2 goddamn hours sitting around at Union Square checking out the Halloween freaks including this Crawl Of The Dead effort (above).You think your steez is original? This is the first black jewish guy I've seen I think. You're a conventional pussy compared to him.
Josh puts the hammer down uptown.
Some serious dog spotting to be done over here.
Harlem Offy owners aren't taking any chances with Joey, even if he is just buying Lilt. (OK, I know they don't have Lilt over here, I'm just trying to retain some sense of Britishness)Larry and I recreate a beautiful moment from my last visit. Check here for reference.

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