05 November 2006

Morecambe and Wise. Reeves and Mortimer. Fiske and Vey.

Joey's roof looking down Park Avenue.Really, is there actually somebody called Brock Savage? And if there is - who the fuck is he anyway? There's no explanation on this advertisement at all. I like to think he's a really camp guy that breeds poodles and refers to them all as "my babieeeees!"
It's just vandalism. That's all it is.So Fiske and Vey came down from Boston for the weekend. Colin had a new haircut (a 'Nutkins' as we know it in England).Ever noticed how Colin actually looks like a Star Wars figure a lot of the time?
We started Saturday night off at this girl Tia's place by drinking rum and listening to Vey's stories of getting hand jobs from a girl with a mutant hand.
Cheers Vey. Just what I wanted - rum crotch.
So by the time we leave Tia's apartment Vey is totally wasted and rowdy as all hell. He had a lot to do with this tree's demise above.We make it to Motor City somehow and he just passes out in the corner. Colin, predictably, starts going on about how he hasn't had enough water and this is why he's so fucked. Vey goes outside for a cigarette and this girl comes back in and says "your friend who's on acid has cut his head open". He's not on acid but told the crowd that scraped him up off the pavement he was for some reason. Vey's mind is a garden.
Traditional Fiske breakfast.
I took them both to this great schoolyard that Conor and Ben showed me back in May. Completely inexplicably Vey tries to ollie through this hole above and cracks his head so hard on the top. After Colin and I are able to move again after laughing so much we nearly died we find that Vey has cracked his head open and there's blood everywhere. That's twice in 12 hours!
For a second it looked like it could be a hospital trip but the cut turned out to be less than an inch long. For future reference - heads really bleed! It often looks worse than it is.
New York City concrete - 2
Vey - 0After that they both caught the $10 bus back to Boston. 24 hours with those guys can seem like a year. Often hard work but always rewarding. I haven't laughed so much in ages. Good lads!

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