16 November 2006

It's my lucky carpet!

Fuck knows why I thought it would be a good idea but I dug out the footage tape from when I was at Uni of me and the kooks I lived with in halls of residence. It's like 3 hours long and is the single most cringeworthy thing I own (apart from the lost diary I kept when I was 16 but fuck knows where that is) The tape contains almost the entire first year including nearly every party I went to and all the dicking around that went on in 'B Block'. This was in 1994 so you can imagine how much embarrassing it is.

Here are some things I've discovered about that part of my life....

I was impossibly Skinny. Now I've gone a bit the other way. Oh well. There must have been a period when I was just plain buff! If that ever was the case I was probably asleep or something 'cos I missed it.

My love for crap sparkling wine goes way back.

I was in love this girl Debbie that I lived with but seeing as I had a girlfriend at the time I was the perfect gentleman and never strayed - even when I slept in her bed with her once. Watching this vid confirmed my memories - she had the best arse! Curse my fidelity!

Carl Grose was/is one of, if not THE, funniest person I've ever met. And I miss him.

Impressions of Pat and Dave Arrowsmith are the funniest thing ever. Remember them? The 'bra men' from Vic Reeves. "What are Y'SAYIN' LIKE?"

So yeah, I'm about 2 hours deep into this damned tape now and the best thing that's come out of it is that it's made me seek out some classic Vic and Bob... Like this...

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Anonymous said...

I came up to stay with you in Halls during the making of this mockumentary. It was the worst weekend of my life (excluding the last time we we went to Devon together). Your student colleagues were tragic. One of them kept asking me "which is mightier" whilst repeating "the pen is, the pen is". Was he the funniest person you ever met? I hated him so much I stole his best Alien Workshop tee shirt whilst you and he slept together. How old were you back then? Thirteen?