11 November 2006

Way in my brain, no cocaine, I don't wanna, I don't wanna go insane.

I'm back baby! WOOO!
The flight home was horribly turbulent and I nearly shit myself on several occassions. Some random pics left over from the last few days. Finally got to see Larry's band play. They were awesome but they didn't play the one about Jenna Jameson unfortunately. It's called Influence and Larry says it's actually about Gena Rowlands but I know different.This dude fell asleep into his pizza. I know how he felt.I stopped by here to get some Laundry done. Raekwon did a marvellous job of getting the skidders out of my cacks.

When I got back I had an urgent need to put some dancehall back in my life. The last couple of days have been full of Buju, Supercat and Cutty Ranks. If only I was as fucking cool as Rodigan.

"...the most poisonous, roughneck, cantankerous dubplates you ever HEARD!"

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chas one said...

That David Rodigan stuff is amazing.
Check this one out!