26 December 2006

Anyway that you want me.

Xmas eve, xmas day...

Finally found a use for the Badminton racquets. The Necros Christos look helps too.

Went for a skate in the city today (skating for myself?? For fun?? In London?? Wei-erd). There are some lovely little corners with human blood soaked tissues if you know where to find them.

French's mate Mark from Australia came along. He's staying with us for the next week or so before he goes up to Manchester to take part in Soap Star Superstars (he's in Home and Away, not watched it for a while myself but maybe I'll have a look for him now).

Mate, I was on fire!

Went over to Ian and Steph's in the evening. There's a house near them with insane xmas lights.

After standing outside for a couple of minutes they hit us with the snow machine!

Did I mention before that these two are finally tying the knot after 14 years or something?

Congratulations! The wedding should be awesome.

After sinking a few in The Rocket we all went back to Ian and Steph's for Singstar and beer until about 4 am.

I spent xmas day at Ben's with Bruce, their Mum, Dave, Ben's daughter Elliotte and her mum Melody. We made a pretty good un-nuclear family.

Jumper from your mum!

It was pretty obvious Bruce was going to end up in this thing.

From: Elliotte
Text Body: Nah Kel, all moshrz R dikedz. C U in town owtsde mc dz

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