22 December 2006

Though my body gets tired, my mind does it no favours at all.

Yesterday was spent failing to christmas shop and either drinking heavily in pubs or walking between them in ridiculous sub-zero temperatures.

I've never thought of Soy as being short but next to Jensen and Robbleyard he looks like a little indian pixie.

The DJ in this bar on Old Street was playing what appeared to be disc 1 of Jungle Mania '93 whilst they had Ozzy on the big TV. It's like they knew I was coming.

So, the last couple of bits of VF 2 footy are here - the soppy opening titles which I was dead pleased with at the time, mainly because I just wanted to have something that wasn't a quickfire montage of slams and crazyness like every other vid. Now of course I realise that the collective brain of skateboard video viewers just wants basically the same thing in every video so I've tried hard since not to stray from the formula.

And the real treat lies here. Best bit of the vid by far.

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