13 December 2006

When he was a teenage boy something got stuck in his throat.

So, the last few days have been a real endurance test. Moving house is one of the most draining and stressful experiences you can have. I'd almost forgotten that. Even though I'd got rid of nearly 50% of my worldly posessions I still filled a long wheelbase transit to the fucking ceiling and took an entire day to load and unload the motherfucker.

Anyway, it's done now and I now live in London with French.
Before I moved however I had one last weekend doing what I've done too much recently - visiting the city to film, drink, dick about and crash on folks floors. Bit of a photo backlog so here you go (all from shitty camera phone unfortunately)...
Playstation jam/contest thing. I'd forgotten why I never go to things like this.
2 Chris's. Many, many generations apart.
Holy shit! John Cattle! Seriously, it's been years.Friday night we went to see the king of rock 'n' roll at Wembley. Shitty venue but a good crew.
I'm starting to worry that this is my photo face. Maybe that's just what I look like when I'm drunk (which is a lot, obviously). That's definitely Ian's photo face, he's from the blue steel school from way back. Pre-Zoolander probably.
Saturday night Owen and the Tue-Crue hired St. Albans skatepark for the night as they do every year. Smith was last years belt holder. Shredder of the night wins it. I turned up in running shoes with my filming board - not a great equipment selection - so I was out of the running, I had a good zoom about though. Footage of the night to follow here soon.
Deservedly, and easily, Chompy smashed it this year and the belt was duly handed over.
Maybe he'll start observing Tuesday rules now and stop with this 'vert sessions in Caterham' idea on the holy day!
I miss this. Even though I'd started to moan about it becoming a bit stale. Nuff respek to the Battle Of Trafalgar massive! (The absurdity of that sentence makes me very happy).

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