15 December 2006

What about the bitch who got shot?

Fuck her! You think I give a damn about a bitch? I ain't a sucker!
Bonus Footage


lauren said...

ala it's just that i have no clue what this lal means ok? and you something smedn me messagyase. but maybe it's because i'm canadina. and i dno'c figure them out.. i'm smart tho. so i do'nt know what thte deal si... but .

thses are the things i thinkg.... my sister works at a bar.. andshe buys me shots AND AND beer.. and that's important. BUT.. it's just burlington. londont it is probably more imporntant. don't you think? i think that.

there was a coincidence this week about gwn who lives in london and a girl who is dating a guyu who's brother i went to schoo l with.. so weirder things have jhahhpppeen.ed. see?

ad if you can be crazy about my drunken thing. you are so majorly more drunken thing about lall tother thing.s. ..

i hopey our enjoying life. and one day soon i fewill have abreaw or two with YHOU ok?


your's struely..


Alan Glass said...

Amazing message Wifey! I feel exactly the same way about life.