06 December 2006

Last night was my last Tuesday Crue as a local. In future I'll be a visitor. That's sad.

Here's a potted history of the Tuesday Crue:

A good few years ago Jon and Naith decided to go skateboarding on a tuesday evening. By all accounts they had a laugh. The following tuesday they called me up. I was like "..what, now? It's 9'o'clock on a tuesday night!" But they persuaded me to come out and we just skated curbs for a couple of hours. The next week, on the same day, we called Bruce.

And that's how it stayed, for a while. After a few months we became aware of a rival gang who appeared to be skating similair spots on a thursday night. After some negotiations it was agreed that they would join us on tuesday evenings and would be absorbed into the 'Crue (this was decided over a game of pool - thank fuck it didn't go the other way, thursday is a shit day for skateboarding!)

So with Owen and Smithy on board the 'Crue grew from strength to strength as rumours spread of a bunch of ageing losers who would skate at Churchill Square and celebrate being crap together on tuesday nights. More and more of our old friends came out of the woodwork and for the last few years the core of the 'Crue has consisted of Bruce, Smithy, Owen, Andre, Heath, Martin, Steve Allen and a few others (sorry if I missed you there!). Occasionally some of the Level kids, or other Brighton locals, might show up and skate with us but I'm not entirely sure they always get the point of our sessions. We're shit and we know it yet we still enjoy axle pivots on curbs. That's basically our M.O.

Of course with any organised religion there are rules:

1) You don't talk about Tuesday Crue.
3) No cameras.

OK, so I just broke one and two but never mind, I'm a founding member for fuck's sake, I can do what I like!
Anyway, last night was as fun as ever and left me sad to leave it behind when I move to London. It only seemed right to go for a chilli-cheese-staredown afterwards (an occasional Tuesday tradition). Basic rules are: we all order chilli-cheeseburgers and whoever has the cleanest 'drip-tray' (that's the box the burger came in) is the winner. You're not allowed to pick up any thing that falls out of your burger and you must 'stare-it-down' - ie, not take a break.
Fittingly last night I won. Look at that - only one little bit of onion in the tray, that's some pro-standard shit. Number one baby!

Thank you Tue-Crue! Keep the faith, curbs are vert too!

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