23 August 2006

And these last 3 years, I know they've been hard. But now it's time to get out of the desert and into the sun.

Fos, Seth, Jon Monie and I drove for 3 hours in each direction to the Stoke plaza park. The place is thoroughly insane, every kind of spot all rolled into one and just HUGE. If we weren't trying to film it might have actually been fun to skate but we were preoccupied I guess.

On the way home we played the "pro skater game" (one person thinks of a pro, past or present, and everyone else has to guess who it is). I can tell you now that Wayne Gallagher is an absolute world beater! I had fools guessing for like a half hour before they gave up. And I guessed Maurice Key in pretty damn good time if I say so myself (Seth's choice - it wasn't gonna be Fos's was it!?). Mind you Fos fucked us with Pat Ngoho. Honestly - who remembers late 80's Z riders?

As usual I checked out the marker pen graff at the park - always more rewarding than that fancy spraycan shit that everyone seems to think isn't vandalism just because it's in colour. Classic bits included "Joe is a Kosovan", "Anal probe" and "Nigger lips". Special mention goes to the kid that just wrote "Nob head" - sometimes keeping it simple yields much finer results.

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