19 August 2006

"I'm Happy"

Unsolicited friend requests on myspace usually piss me off but not this one from this girl...
So, I have no idea who she is and she almost certainly doesn't know me so I message her to say "why do you want to be my friend?".
I get this back...

Date: 18 Aug 2006 12:29 Flag spam/abuse [ ? ]
Subject RE: RE: No Subject

You're not Alan Glass the artist?
I love your work
if you're not Alan, I'm sorry..

So it seems i'm wrong - she clearly does know who I am. I'm Alan Glass - THE ARTIST! That's exactly who I am. I'm a fucking artist. My whole life is my art, my body is poetry, my mind is a garden.

Go away, i'm busy thinking.

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Anonymous said...

Artist!!!!!! pah!