23 August 2006

Ghouls, attack the church. Crush, the holy priest.

Simple question. Why is it that there's always a screaming child on the last train back from London? Most people are knackered and trying to catch 40 winks and they let these little whining cabbages on the train. There should be a rule - like how they don't let bikes on the early morning commuter trains because they take up too much room. How about not letting kids on the late trains because THEY ANNOY THE PISS OUT OF ADULTS WHO ARE TIRED OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS?

Little kids are shit. They can't even talk and just sit there flailing around and squealing like retards until someone sticks a tit in their mouth. Or they cry at full volume because their fat lowest-common-denominator working-class single-mum chavs haven't stuffed them with enough chicken nuggets and Um-Bongo.

Fucking idiots man. Why can't they just grow the fuck up? I was never that small or that annoying.

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