25 August 2006

Well I’m sick of vanity plays, Should we move to the UK? 'Cause life here in the states has escaped all the people above us.

Yeah weather!!!! It's raining in Glasgow!! So we (50% of the Landscape team - Joey, Joel and Rory) are sitting around in Alex Irvine's house reading books, drinking tea and eating biscuits. Soy arrives tonight too. The weather forecast is pretty touch-and-go for the next few days according to the BBC. Mind you, what the fuck do they know? "I can assure you there won't be a hurricane". Yeah Michael Fish, whatev's. Knobhead.

I might go see that new Pedro Almodovar flick with Penelope Cruz at the cinema down the street if this weather continues...
I can't stop looking at this movie poster, Penelope is killing me right now. Thank fuck she left that nutter. Pen - if you can hear me?...Come to Butthead.

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Tom said...

Saw it on Tues down the Duke of Yorks.

Really liked it, had some lovely moments and, well - 'Cruz is well fit innit.