16 August 2006

Bummers. Part 96.

Putting my left shoe on (why is it so much fucking harder than the right?)
This "making the first move" shit.
Bruce and Smithy ganging up on me playing dice in the pub earlier.
The ridiculously huge difference in sizes of XL t-shirts.
Having to water plants.
Being too hot, even when the weather is cooling off.
The crumbs in my kitchen and the evergrowing mountain of my flatmate's recycling.
Having to do anything at all. Ever.

Non-Bummer: Stuff that's funny...


Anonymous said...

i feel your pain on the xl situation. why is there no standardised sizing.

Glass said...

Bingo - we could form some kind of pressure group or something. Maybe send the boys round to Hanes, put the frighteners on 'em.
You organise it. I'll sign for whatever.

canuck said...

1. buy some sandels
2. lets get it on
3. sorry chum :)
4. if you liked hot drinks, you'd appreciate rain more.
5. nudist colony. hot.
6. plants are lovely and a source of minimal responsibility
7. think of me in january
8. err. i like to recycle.
9. come over, lets do nothing.

Alan Glass said...

Stop being so damn great. My heart can't take it.