21 August 2006

Fighting away the tears, and I'm holding on for years.

This is Jon Monie (or J-Money now) from Paris. He rides for Heroin and is over here to film for a week or so. As you can see the french are as sophisticated as ever.
We drove him around in total luxury. Heroin is big time now, no expense spared.
I took him to all the best spots. Total secrets, niggas don't even know!

We also went back to Mudchute and hung out with Callum. He runs a tight ship there. Nobody does shit without running it by him first.
The kids have written out all the names for both male and female genitalia on the top of the hip. They've also covered masturbation and flatulence so there's a really useful library of terms there in case you're lost for words.

Friday night was Dylan's party. Jon was hyped to meet the little one from East 17.
Yeah, it was that kind of night. It was nice to see Chas but Martin was so touchy feely that I had to snap at him several times so he'd fuck off and stop trying to hug me.
"So let me get this straight - you actually think you're hard?" Yeah RIGHT! Streetfighter battles are BACK at my house!
Saturday night was Rave's BBQ. We ate home-made burgers and jazzy salads.
John can never clock off. He's always on duty. Still, it's best to have a florist on duty at any party these days, you never know when the flower arrangements might get drunk and unruly.
Sam complained that there weren't any photos of her on here so I was cunningly able to get her on by running this picture of Bruce.
Above and below...the many moods of Ian Molyneux. Well, 2 anyway. Happy as larry in my watch (it's a Charles Dumont!) and fighting with Smithy on the pavement at 2 am. Ooops!

See how boring this photo is? Well it perfectly sums up editing which is what i've been doing for 2 days straight. Pity me. Somebody?

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Sam said...

The concrete trannies on that bank was the work of Worthing loc's. Worthing represent