13 August 2006

The rain falls hard on a humdrum town (Mudchute)

Spent the weekend in London, supposedly to film. Saturday didn't really happen but we had a bit of a meeting about forthcoming trips. Looks like Bulgaria might be off but there's a possibility of New York again some time in the future. Glasgow too apparently. Personally i'm happy to go anywhere. Except maybe Iran. Or Arundel.

Saturday night was spent at Fos's watching Fawlty Towers DVDs and this weird TV show Fos got in Japan called Gachapin Challenge (or something like that). Gachapin is the little green one, i think, but I have no idea what the big brown chap's name is. Anyway, the show reminds me of the relationship between our friends Chopper and Dal in Osaka. In other words, the big one dares the little one to do something stupid and dangerous and the little one obliges without hesitation. Poor old Gachapin had to go Jet-Skiing, do some acrobatic gymnastics, go skiing and ride those god-awful mountain boards which, any skateboarder will tell you, look like a certain death trap.

I think the whole show is really about that weird respect/hierachy thing they have in Japan. Or maybe it's just a bit of fun for the kids and me thinking there's some kind of bullying element is indicative of living in Blair's nanny state and political correctness gone mad..... shut the fuck up Glass.

So, today we finally got to skate the new park in Mudchute when the rain gave us a couple of hours. It was really fun with all the obstacles only reaching about waist height. I filmed a line and a single with Fos and spent the rest of the time talking crap with the local kids. The kid above was called Callum and kind of lived up to his "Local Celebrity" shirt. Withing 5 minutes of meeting him he was trying to hug us and literally could not stop talking. He was hilarious and his verbal diahorreah kept me entertained until the clouds rolled in and shut us down.

Back at Fos's I picked up some boards for the crew back home and managed to score a couple of Simon True masterpieces for myself. The first Illustrators series board is going on the wall as i've always loved the colours and the graphic but the Satan pro model is getting shredded on Tuesday.
Lastly, take a look at this Shut board from NYC! And you thought my bro-model had a retarded shape! Ha ha!

Road trip tomorrow.

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