16 August 2006

The oar dips in to oil like water, and we are away.

I went on a little emo-roadtrip the last couple of days. I rented a car and drove to several significant spots from over the years and went to both my parents graves. Don't worry, i'm not going to make a habit of this on my blog but it was something that I needed to do and I might as well share the good bits.
I dropped in on a few good friends of my Mum's (I guess they're my friends now!) Maud still holds the title of World's Cutest Child. She can talk now too. I said "Hi Maudy, how are you?" and she went "I'm O-Kaaaaaaay". Dicken is going to the same boarding school that Prince Charles went to.
I dropped in to my old school and made a beeline for the back of the hut where we used to smoke cigarettes.
Some graffiti I must have done 15 or 16 years ago has stood the test of time. Clark - you're probably still a complete bastard.
When I got up to Hertfordshire i went up to Codicote where I remember my Mum took me walking when I was really small. All I remembered was golden cornfields. When I got there nothing had changed.

When I finally got to my Dad's cemetary it was pitch dark and I spent ages searching for his stone with the light from my mobile. It was actually pretty funny even though the cemetary was spooky as shit and things kept rustling in the bushes. Anyway, I found him eventually.
This is the second house I ever lived in. I have no idea where the first one is so this is the furthest back I can go. I met some of the neighbours who remembered my dad and even me. I'm the last surviving member on my dad's side and it had never occured to me that there might be somebody else left in the world that would have known him so meeting them was really cool. We exchanged numbers and maybe i'll send them a card or something.

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