11 August 2006

Stomp, stomp, stomp - the idiot convention...

Germany Part 2 - Hamburg.

So, there we are after the festival, just pissing about in Hamburg for a few days - going to the fairground every night, drinking our own body weight in Astra (the local brew) and generally making nuisances of ourselves. None more so than at Anna's house.
This is Anna. She "Fuchs" apparently. Ho ho ho!
Anyway, so I bet French he couldn't saw through the complete works of Shakespeare with a carving knive.

After a change of knife and little help from Stefan, French was finally gaining some ground on ol' Will. He chopped through A Midsummer Night's Dream and Two Gentlemen of Verona like a hot knife through butter but Macbeth was a real bitch.
But eventually the bard succumbed to the idiot from Aldershot in less than half an hour. Good work Frenchy! You've sucessfully managed to offend the entire literary world with just 30 minutes of your retarded behaviour!
The carving knife is mightier than the pen. Fact.
For an encore the following night French did this to Anna's wall with gaffer tape. And I haven't even mentioned spraying her plants with pink spray paint.

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