15 October 2006

5 things I know about myself...

1. I'm awful with money. I will never be rich, I will always probably have to worry about it and I'll keep on wasting what I have on all sorts of pointless crap.

2. I can't cut my food properly. I sort of use the knife and fork to tear my food apart. It's not too noticable to others but I've always had a problem with the sawing motion one should really use. I tried it with a Pizza earlier and it nearly shot off the plate and across the room.

3. I fall in love too easily.
And I can't do wallrides - a horrible combination.

4. I turn to The Beach Boys in times of need.
There's so much love in The Beach Boys. If things get a bit much I'll whack on the 'Boys. There's nothing that Surfer Girl or Don't Worry Baby can't cure.

5. I'm incredibly handsome. OK, that may not be necessarily true but I am fantastically intellectual and wittier than Oscar Wilde and Morrissey put together. I'm also hung like you wouldn't believe and my bedsprings shit themselves when I bring a girl home (which is loads obviously).

Aside from all that I do know that Arthur Tubb and crew were down from Sheffield for the weekend.
And I do know that French had his first clean shave in living memory. He looked about 12.
A typical TLB photo, R.A.D magazine, circa 1990.
All the essentials. Some of us are professionals.
ZZ Top.

This is supposed to look like French and Pizzer were just passing each other on separate escalators. Except you can see that they're going in the same direction. Crap huh?
Mudchute kids have the best boards. I caught this one just in time.
And the marker pen graff at Mudchute reaches it's logical conclusion. It's fame I suppose, of sorts.

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