25 October 2006

At your funeral I'm gonna get drunker than I've ever been before

Finally the La Rue Est Vers L'image edit that I did in Paris is up on the Landscape site. Have a look if you get a spare 5 minutes.

Aside from that I'm off to NYC tomorrow for a couple of weeks to film with Soy and Joey. I'm staying with Jeff and Mike again and will undoubtedly be spending some quality time in Motor City with Larry too. This time I'm definitely taking myself on a tour of all the spots from Ghostbusters and might head over to Shaolin too. Biggie's grave might be a bit trife for a wholesome Sussex boy like me.These are my room mates when I stay at Jeff and Mike's. That blue one snores like shit.

NY Shopping list:

All new underwear
New camera
New lights
Halloween outfit
XXXXL giant Biggie ghetto gown (Daffy Duck as Scarface will do)
That Hope Sandoval CD
Fun (x 10,000 units)

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mattwilmshurst said...

nice piccies.....i like your showreel too. havent heard that aphex track in an age..thanks