09 October 2006

Everyday is like Tuesday

My friend Jon, who's actually my oldest friend, has a skate shop in Camden. It's called Tuesday after the skate crew he/we founded in Brighton several years ago (I shouldn't even be mentioning this - the 1st rule of Tuesday Crew is YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT TUESDAY CREW!)

The shop is at 118 Camden Road (you have to pass it on the way up to the Cantelowes park from Camden tube) and is right next to Camden Road overground station. The number is 020 7284 4515. The place has some really great gear (Jon has impeccable taste) so go buy something.

Anyway, Bruce and I drove up to London on Friday to see Jon, Ian and Ben and dick about at Cantelowes. Owen hand makes these for the shop. How sick is that? Normally he makes suits for the Rolling Stones and dresses for Nicole Kidman. You won't find sweatshirts with as much pedigree in Route One.Nearly there! Not that I'll be able to do much more than roll in and carve around 3 feet below the coping.Steph's boots were killing it.
O.G. Tue Crew (minus Naith). Why are my friends all midgets? I feel like Snow White sometimes. After the pub shut there was this spontaneous 'picking-people-up' phenomenon.Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. This is Ben's sister. Again - sorry.
Cheese in a phone box.
Probably just as well.Ben ordered this much food. It was nice and everything but - Jesus Ben!
The morning after. Marmalade feels the effects.

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