10 October 2006

People were still booing him when we came on.

OK, that's it. I seriously need to see some decent live music. It's been AGES and there's been a serious lack of live black/war/death in my ears in the last six months. Looking back there were some pretty fucking SERIOUS gigs over the last year or so - Revenge, Nifelheim, Mortician, Inquisition (above). After all that there's been a total metal drought. Can't Impiety come over or something?

Oh, not exactly on the same wavelength but there is a Ghostface gig tomorrow night here in Brighton. I have 2 tickets. But only I'm going now thanks to a friend who will remain nameless (Luke) who texted me to say that he doesn't WANT to go. Not CAN'T go - doesn't WANT to go. Cheers. Great. Is a night out with me really so bad? Who gives a fuck what the gig is?

Anyway, even if I have to go on my own I still got love for the Wu. Fuck all the haters*!

*Ages ago watching some shitty skate vid and it said that in the closing credits and Fos goes "Hey! That's us!"

Ha ha ha ha! You better believe it!

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Anonymous said...

damn glass dont think pretty tone is making it this far north, i would kill for that ticket. unfortunately the gigs 7 hours away.