04 October 2006

I like my covers to be heavy, so I don't get cold when I sleep. My love affairs always seem unsteady and I never go halfway when I leave.

Got sent this link today. As I was promised it has some really great editing, something I'm a huge fan of. Are the Tories really going to get in next? Please no. You think the current lot are assholes? Wait until you see these fuckers in power again. Why are people so easily fooled?

I've been watching plenty of 9-11, and related, conspiracy documentaries lately, the kind of thing I used to scoff at (we all do right?) assuming that only the David Icke nutters of the world would find any credibility in this crap. Boy was I wrong. Even wronger than I was about me living on the moon by 2004 (can't believe i'm even bringing that up). I absolutely promise you your ears will prick up and your eyes will open wide when you watch this. It's called Loose Change and is a good place to start, you'll need a couple of hours to watch it but it's more than worth it. There's plenty more where that came from too, it's just one of many docs on the subject.

I guess most people's problem in handling ideas like these are that we're all used to passively assuming that the world is a good place (and it is!) and that those in charge of it surely MUST be a good bunch. Getting your head round the thought that they might be quite the opposite is tough, but be assured this is exactly how they think they can get away with all kinds of shit. The people behind events like 9-11 know that if the truth is really THAT horrible then most people won't want to believe it. Anyway, do your own research, make your own mind up. Chances are your telly and your couch will be safe anyway, why worry about anyone else?

OK, OK, OK. Don't worry, I'm not turning into a conspiracy nut just yet, although I am thinking of re-naming this site... don'tbelievetheman...maaaan.com.org/dogonabitofstringheretakeapamphlet

JOKES! OK, here's some dumb photos as usual. I'm off to put the second series of the Royle Family on my iPod.

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