27 October 2006

Course I always get my pants at K-Mart.

FINALLY got a new camera. I've been bored of the shitty low-light performance of my trusty old VX1000 for a while now and have gone and got a VX2100 from B+H here in NY today. With the bayonet upgrade ring from bayorings.com I can now use my Mk 1 death on it too. Can't give up on the Mk 1! Testing starts tomorrow if I can find Soy and Joey - they're here in NY somewhere but their phones don't work typically...

Oh and I stopped by K-Mart to pick up enough underwear to replace the ones I'm retiring in my annual 'Pants Jihad'. The ones with no crotch left are getting terminated with extreme prejudice. Socks next, though I might wait 'til I get home for that - course I always get my socks at Primark. Definately Primark.

Course, six minutes to Jeopardy.

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