12 October 2006

Heard I was killin' shit, they must got word

I saw Ghostface last night in Brighton. One thing I hate with a passion is live hip hop and I'd seriously considered not going but he's always been consistently awesome on record so I thought I'd give him the chance. Gawd bless 'im - he was great (of course he was, I never doubted him...err, much). It was at the Event club which, as Jack pointed out after being in there for 5 minutes, is like an old Top Of The Pops studio. Sure the place was full of try-hard gangsta types and girls with nothing on (can't complain) but seeing Ghost more than made up for all that. We got everything you'd expect - old WU songs, a moment of (near) silence for Ol' Dirty and the inevitable rendition of Shimmy Shimmy. Ok, I'll admit it - it was awesome.

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