01 September 2006

The Bible didn't mention us, not even once.

OK, just got back from Glasgow to find a link to this story from a friend. Read it and weep.

This article is a joke right? I mean, really? It must be. I admit it's very late and I'm very tired so maybe my judgement is a little off but the author of the piece, Sarah Sands, sounds like one of those Protect and Survive leaflets the government gave out to warn of the dangers of a nuclear attack in the 80's. Yeah - THAT credible!

Whats next on her list of articles to write? How To Spot A Terrorist Or Criminal?

"Firstly they will be brown or black or yellow - not white. They will have a towel on their head and explosives hidden under their curry. Do not approach them (you won't be able to understand them anyway)...." etc, etc, etc.

Well done The Mail - you've succesfully bolstered your reputation as the worst, most poorly researched, right wing bollocks newspaper in the UK. Good for you! Give Sarah Sands a rise!

But, you made me laugh and for that I thank you.

Photos and pointless meanderings on Scotland tomorrow.

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