05 September 2006

I'm gettin' bugged drivin' up and down the same old strip

That about sums today up.

Working in London for AIM this afternoon shooting interview clips for a presentation DVD they're taking to China to promote British indie music. I can imagine the Chinese watching the accompanying Thom Yorke and Basement Jaxx videos with faces like a dog that's just been shown a card trick (joke copyright Bill Hicks circa 1992, stolen by me 2006).

The music promos I have to cut into the interviews that I specifically asked the labels not to supply on DVD pretty much all turned up on DVD. Cheers. Good communication. Thanks for listening. That adds a LOT of time to the edit which has to be done by saturday as I'm off to Paris again with the Landscapers.

And the train I was on on the way home? Cancelled. Unceremoniously kicked out at Gatwick where I took matters into my own hands and got a coach home. Total journey time from London to Brighton: apprximately 3 hrs.

The cock on the bus stop was like a fucking beacon as I passed it on my way home.

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