21 September 2006

No Smiths lyrics will do this justice.

OK. See this girl?
I'm absolutely fucking marrying her alright? I can't even begin to explain how great she is but you can see for yourselves that she's really, REALLY beautiful, that's not open to question.

Her name is Lauren and we're getting married very soon (in the grand scheme of things) and you're all invited (well, some of you are). Nobody gets to argue this point and it's a done deal. The ceremony will probably be in Iceland so that should sort out the peasants from the players.

All you need is love.

See you there. x


Lauren said...

alan, you cheeky brit... your next package better contain a ring! one of those big motherfuckers that's hard to lift up with just the one hand. or. at least a twist tie....

chas one said...

Congratulations to the both of you!