22 September 2006

Shit that bugs me today...

iPod covers. Why????? It's like "I know, I've just bought this thing that looks really nice so in order to protect it and make it look nice forever i'll stick this really horrible plastic/rubber/leather cover over it so it looks totally different and actually fucking awful! Why!?

Dickheads - It won't last forever no matter what you do with it. If you protect the outside then the inside will eventually die anyway. You'll probably only have it for 3 years, tops. At least it will look nice for a few weeks without a stupid cover. I know Apple made them beautiful and shiny and that they get fucked up and scratched if you even look at them wrong but jeeez - just deal with it, IT'S GOING TO GET SCRATCHED! Fuck it, so what? It's just a tool, it's the music that matters right?

It's like going and buying a nice new pair of shoes and immediately covering them in that shoe-goo repair stuff so that they last longer. That may be the case but you've just ruined a perfectly good pair of shoes. We all laugh our asses off at those people who put plastic covers on their sofas and carpets so why do it to your iPod/phone or whatever?

"But i'll be able to sell it for more one day if it's not scratched"

Shut up y'pansy!

I've saw a guy on the train today whose Nano, thanks to it's dumb leather case, looked bigger than my 30gb video one! KNOB!

Anyway, the recent ones finally come with a sensible thin little faux-suede wallet that only increases the size by a couple of millimetres or so and still enables you to take the damn thing out and caress it's lovely curves with out having to unbuckle it or whatever.

Moral: don't dress your iPod up like a technical support guy's mobile - let the motherfucker get scratched! You'll enjoy it more in the long run and you'll have that air of not giving a shit and look way cooler because of it.

OK, pointless venting aside this made me piss 'em and carries on nicely from yesterday's mesmerising dance extravaganza.


lauren said...

that scares me a little bit.

Anonymous said...

paki cunt freak

Devinwums said...

that scares me a little bit.