09 September 2006

I'm trying not to wonder where you are.

So, off to Paris tomorow for a week with the usual suspects - Joey, Snowy, Rory - to stay with Soy and film for a week. We're supposed to be submitting something of the footage we shoot to some french filmmaking contest thing. That's literally as much as I know about it and we start tomorrow. Soy was typically french and vague about the whole thing so I'm not letting it worry me.

Powell and Horsley were down the other night. Good to see their asses (not literally), it's been a while. In true "haven't-seen-you-for-yonks-mate" style we got annihilated and danced in the Zap club like spasmos (maybe me more than them).

Went for a stroll round town with the Tuesday Crew today, bought some unnecessary crap and had nothing but laughter all day. After the working week i've had it's been great to have no agenda and just concentrate on the comedy with my favourite people.
Damo's hair is BEAUTIFUL. We were all in total awe of it all day.
Ha ha ha aha ah ahahahaahahahahaha haha ahahaah haha ahaha! What the FUCK is that!!??

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Jack said...

Fucking Awesome t-shirt dude!