28 September 2006

Run! Hop fences, jump over benches...

Jack is back! After 3 months in the states he made a triumphant homecoming appearance at Tuesday Crew (err, on Tuesday) and came up to skate in London yesterday with Fos, Tamsin and Nick. Good to see these two in cahoots again, they never fail to make me wet myself with laughter.
I've always wanted to take a photo of this shop. "Military and industrial obsolete semiconductors". How much passing trade can they get?...

"Oooh hurry up Greville, Tesco's shuts in 20 minutes...HOLD ON! Oh! I can't say I've been looking for one but now I've seen them I'd really like a military or even industrial semiconductor! Oooh, aren't they lovely! I don't care that they're obsolete, I simply must have one! Won't that look nice on the mantlepiece Greville?...Greville?" Mudchute baby! Everyone had to do frontside wallrides (present company excepted thankfully)

Instead I got to pose (and I really did as you can see) for a photo by this beautiful street art. Photo by Tamsin, 2006.Nick has two dots tattooed above his nail to make his thumb look like a duck. The long winter evenings must just fly by in the Worthington house.

Oh, and this happened in the middle of last night. It scared the FUCKING SHIT out of me. Those curtains weigh a ton and made the loudest noise when they fell down, ripping the curtain rail out of the wall. Cheers, great. Thanks world.

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