04 September 2006

Total brain meltdown...


I'm dying here, seriously. There was this song from like 89/90 or something that was in the UK charts and it was essentially a rap tune but it sampled a really jangly psychedelic indie kind of guitar riff all the way through. I think the original of the song it sampled is on a TV ad at the moment (can't remember which one unfortunately).

I think the band was 2 or 3 black dudes, American I think, and I remember them being interviewed in the NME at the time. One of the quotes highlighted in the article was "there's always been an indie element to our dance music" which was kind of a play on the common claim of indie bands of the moment that were jumping on the Madchester bandwagon.

If I don't remember the name of the song or the band soon I'm going to explode in a shower of blood, guts and failed nostalgia. Email me NOW if you have any idea what i'm talking about. I can even sing the tune to you.

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Jonathan Knightley said...

Are you on about Let it all hang out by The Hombres???