15 September 2006

Non je ne regrette rien (apart from agreeing to this trip)

Yeah Paris! Been here since Sunday with the Landscape crew, fatigue has well and truly set in and yesterday was doom and gloom skateboarding wise. That's not strictly true as we did get a couple of things down but we were all well over it by about 6 o'clock which is rare for us. Normally we go all night (take note girls, eh?! eh?!). Last night we hit this bar with the world's most disorganised bartender (and that's official) and played dice for euros. I didn't win but i knocked Soy out which gave me a warm glow deep inside my soul.

This filming contest thing ends today and i have to edit our part together overnight for the premiere tomorrow night. This is something Soy forgot to tell me when he got us into this thing. So he's officially to blame if it turns out crap. Maybe i'll just bang some happy hardcore on it and call it art (it worked for the Heroin normandy part).

I have to go and film for the last day now and soak up the warmth and love that will be undoubtedly be flowing through the hungover team today.

Oh and this definately has merit.

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