02 September 2006

The Landscape trip to bonny Scotland was wet, dry, grey and blue. Frustrating, fun, tiring and relaxing. Much more besides too but details would take a while.

Moments included Rory's brush with the law after bombing a hill and jumping a red light in a wheelchair (he ended up in handcuffs), jumping into a loch and Joel losing his board to an angry motorist (the guy drove over his board and scooped it up into the car and drove off with it).

Huge thanks to Mark Foster and Katherine for giving me my own room with a double bed (!!! - total road trip luxury - that's an NBD) and to Alex Irvine for putting up (with) the team and taking what I imagine will be bangin' photographs. Occasional captions below from scenes from throughout the week.

Also see the Landscape site for more pics.

Weirdest/best skatepark graff i've seen for ages. EBAY?!!??! Eh???

The Fosters! Total rulers. Within 30 seconds of meeting Katherine she had me on the dancefloor - that has to be a record.
A WITCH!!!!!!!!!

This total hero was the DJ in McChuill's in Glasgow. He looked older than he was and had the bar in stitches with his awesome selections and even joined us on the dancefloor at the end of the night.

Ever seen a black man with long flowing brown hair? No, me neither.

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