20 September 2006

Landscape Paris trip 2006 photo-a-thon...

Ahhhhh. Paris. The sights. the sounds, the smells (often dogshit). Another Paris trip is over and I feel both glad to be back and wishing I was still there.

Here's the photographic evidence (as crappy as ever), warts and all. Take it or leave it.Eurostar journeys = iPod. Joan Jett videos = boner.
First evening view from Bastille. Sigh. How picture-skew.Fuck! Controlling your diet is a fucking nightmare when you're away from home. Look at all that shit! I'm screwed!
Text from Fos after I told him I actually had to edit the Landscape entry in La Rue Est Vers L'Image whilst I was in Paris - by Friday no less!
Rory is one of those kids that memorises stuff. He seems to have nearly all of The Office on lock. Here's his tribute to that episode where David Brent does the motivational speech.
Awwwww! This nice lady was worried Joey would hurt his head if he didn't wear a proper helmet. She didn't know it was actually a tribute to Pierre.This guy clocked me so bad when i was trying to get a picture of his moustache. I don't care - it was beautiful and it needed documenting.
Crew shot. Gay but mandatory on these kind of trips.

Without a doubt the gayest photo i've ever shot.
When it's hot and I have to film and skate all day I get sweaty. Black T-shirts seem to suffer the brunt of it. Gross huh?
Always nice to see The Fiske.

Don't even ask. I seriously worry about the Landscape lot sometimes.

All I said was "gimme some South Bank" and this happened. Jesus!Awwwwww! That's better!
What a surprise - we're in France and Tura initiates a dice game.

But he was a comedy drunk that night which more than made up for it. Pain et Fromage at about 2am.

Sometime bro-mance can go a bit too far.

When you're on the road one of the easiest ways to pass the time is to pick on the youngest guy. Even going as far as trying to push him in the canal can be very satisfying and can kill 30 seconds or so.

Poser of the month, Thrasher mag September 2006 (if I get round to sending it in)

Who said Landscape was a ledge-fag company? Rory clicked it to huge with this triple set!

This is Arnoud (maybe it's spelt Arnold, I dunno) - he organised the Rue Image wotsit thing. Blame him.
Premiere night party on Saturday. Mrs One cuts the first rug.
My favourite photo from the whole week. Tura is such a ruler - avec or sans handbags. Look how proud he looks!
No idea who this motherfucker was but I talked to him about Nas for ages outside the club.
"No Soy! Not even if you ask reeeeeally nicely!"
"No harm in askin' is there luv?"

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