25 September 2006

Show me the way to go home.

This week I have mostly been drinking/drunk.Thursday night was Alex Klein's birthday. Unfortunately hardly anyone made it past the street beers stage and on to the roller disco. I guess the 10 quid entry fee put most people off, even more so than the idea of roller skating. We're all peasants you see. I felt bad for not going. Sorry Alex - I bet you managed to find something to wallie in your skates though!Plus Klein had the best/worst shoes I've seen in a while which must have sweetened the whole evening for him. Bwaaaa ha ha aha ahhahah ahh haa ha ha ha ! Look at his little face! Not into it!Cantelowes sesh on Saturday. You know why this photo has significance? They're all Pro! I know, stranger things have happened at sea. Nice of Fos to hold Pizzer's invisible todger.
It was such a boozy week even Fos got involved and relaxed with a cold can of wifebeater in the Tuesday shop.Random guy at Euston... "Can I take your photo pleeze? (I'm not a pervert, honestly. No, go fakie...thats' it... bend down a bit...uuuuuhhhhh!)"
Surprise SF2 champion of the week: Smithy! Motherfucker had all kinds of game at the table. We also discovered that Sagat vs. Sagat is probably the most fun you can have anywhere ever. TIGER!

Michelle's birthday this weekend. Tuaca's in the Battle on Saturday.... ....and Margaritas in some jazzy bar on Sunday. Emma's bag got nuff respeks all night.
Dylan was absolutely annihilated on Sunday. I told him to look gangsta - he obviously thought I said "You're a little teapot..."
Prize for "Most Hilarious And Useless Drunks" goes to...Emma and Dylan. The Academy salutes you. Nobody else was even close.
Beadle hand.

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